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Gong Problems - Help!

Dear sound healers.

I need a bit of advice. I am afraid that I left my 32" Paiste gong hanging on it`s stand, and whilst I was away the gut snapped. I was shocked to see it on the floor, with a rather dented bottom lip. The main circle looks as it was, but the rim is no longer round. I have rehung it, but on hemptex, as I do not have new gut. It is sounding rather deadened. I have learnt my lesson, and will check the gut regularly, but alas too late! Has anyone else had similar gong damage, and do you know if there is anyone who could help bring the gong back to it`s former glory? I imagine I could send it to Paiste, but wondered if anyone in the UK could help. I also need to buy new gut for this gong, and my 34" earth creation gong. I know this will also affect the sound, so a source in the UK for this would be good.

Hoping someone here has some good ideas to help me restore the gong.

You can message me on Facebook:

With love and thanks xxx

Brigid Brightfire

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