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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Gong Work


There has been much discussion about the title of Gong Master and how high the potential for its abuse with immature gong players running amok with a spiritual or elephant ego and reveling in their roles and dispersing half-learned wisdom.

We have been saying to all who would listen that the gong is a transpersonal guru, the higher self within.

When the gong players plays with traces of the ahamkar it is not too dissimilar from when a teacher wrongly teaches, there is an action/reaction and the comeback karma for releasing so-called false dharma has always been very high. So, as well, when the gong is used for personal aggrandizement it has a boomerang effect. What goes around comes around. No matter how high a Priest or how low, the clumsy use of the greatest power in the universe OM always has its come-up-pence.

However if one follows the Golden Path of PHI, the Way of the Gong, there is an Angelic Celebration in the Spiritual Realms. The gong then acts as a purification of the dross. But, if our refined character is not intact, the action reaction of karma must operate instead to enforce cleansing.

The journeyman is not just a gong master who takes you on a journey.

Journeyman/woman is the title of a healing professional at work with all the ethics and love that clothe the soul.

When operating within the golden constructs of the good, true and beautiful, the Aquarian Right Use of Power becomes a potent force for transformation and trans(e)volution from a gross to a refined character, and it is that which goes with us as we ascend to the after world.

May each year become another year of Gong Healing Magic as we unveil our one self with an all-out attempt at self-realization and the right use of our dynamic inner gong’s power of transformational tones of ‘holistic-1234 resonance’.


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