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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Gong Work

Dear 2014 Students of Gong Consciousness

I write this in the past just before the New Year. Our Gong Master Shruti saying,

“Thank You For Everything. I Have No Complaints!” has worked well in 2013.

But, I do have a couple of resolutions, hope-full suggestions really for 2014.

If I were looking back from ‘this same time next year’, I would see the “Arrival of Enlightened Happiness” was organically spreading according to the Infinite Pull of PHI, the perfect ratio, through the loving heart resonance of global humanity.

There is more to the gong than the sound that reaches us through the ear. It goes inside the self as a “Transvolutionary”, an agent of cosmic change.

Maha Maya Siddhis are superpowers attributed to the advanced yogi in our earthly Theatre of the Soul. They are represented in cartoon characters and futuristic fantasies; they are not to be recommended for use by the ego.

When they are used by the persona the karma of cause and effect affects the user in a linear way via the self-deluding blind-side. We of the 3-D world are forewarned against falling into this Siddhi-trap that we should avoid. Can we gain the power of not using power?

Lying down in Savasana/Corpse Pose in the “Gong Bath”, a power of levitation is felt; weightlessness, the loss of gravity.

Floating Within - on the Waters of the Akasha, is one of the phenomenal effects of the sound waves upon consciousness in the oceanic fullness of suspended gong tones.

This feeling of lightness in the gong experience is self-healing supportive therapy through the replacement of our Ego identity  “Pratyahara “with our Transpersonal Soul Identity, our neutral awareness “Turiya”, over our Personal “I, me, my, mine” Mind Awareness.

Experiencing Gong Bath Timelessness is like tasting the Nectar of Eternity and being totally awake while being totally asleep. There is also a resonant effect upon each of the biological clocks that tick within one’s life span.

As Gong Masters are aware, the golden irrational ratio of PHI 1.618033989 etc. is the line of least resistance without any loss of information, the point of greatest balance, strength, and beauty. It is the path of “Sushuma”, the golden path thread of the Risen Kundalini within the central canal of our spines.

It also describes a ’wormhole through dimensions’ hidden in plain sight but experienced in a tactile way through kinesthetic pressure waves of gong fullness.

All of the ‘Yogi Siddhis’ as I have listed in the Blue Book of “Gongs of Our Solar System are present in the total sound bath’s virtual potential within the gong experience.

The Journeyman Gong Master of Ceremonies is continually saturated by this non-dimensional world while playing and being played by the gong in the act of releasing its OM potential. When it is ‘spiritualizing matter’.

The Gong is a 6,000-year old Bronze Age Instrument; Stone turned into Tone, and it is still the Common person’s Gold. Gold produces no tone, but Bronze has it in abundance. Therefore we say the Gong brings us ‘Abundance’.

1. Looking back I would like to see that 2014 has brought new Starhenge Mandala World Peace Gardens to more places around the world.

2. More gong masters will link in for on line gong training, and read more of the Teachings of the Gong for their transvolution into certified Journeyman Sound Healers of Holistic-Resonance.

3. The World Concert Tour of Mysterious Tremendum will have begun, and the world will be singing the Global Gong Mantra Sutra.

4. Gong Yoga MEM, and Gong Master Teacher Training will have produced Teachers of Teachers. All the Magnum Opus of the Gong writings as well available for study.

5. And perhaps not lastly but certainly very important, is for me to do more with less effort and less effort with more time. To allow those One Gong Masters who constitute ICGM and IGMA to assume their Global Maitreyan Responsibilities. and be a friend to everyone. (The International Council of Gong Masters; and The International Gong Masters Alliance).

6. May all your personal visions of World Seva come true, and may we evoke together a non-corrupt earth gong family ethic for the future of our children.

7. And may we always remember the Maitreyan Shruti Song Sayings of Gong Consciousness expressed by our heart. May Samadhi be your state of total health!

Happy 2014 to all and to all a gong night,


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