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Sheila Whittaker
Category: Gong Work

The Healing Journey With the Gong

Many people have asked me about the effects of the gong and the healing that it provides – particularly by email, in workshops, and at talks about the gong work. So this article is aresponse, and I hope it goes some way to answer some of the questions that comeup for the many people who are considering embarking upon the healing journey with the gongs. As our work in this sound arena blossoms, and people realise the power of sound as a healing force, many new folk are seeking our help now,and we need to be able to reassure them and provide the help and support they need on their gong journey.

The healing journey is a very individual journey, different for everyone. As no two people are the same,their journey through life, and their healing needs will also be different.Essentially we walk a lone path, even though we may have supportive physical partners,family and friends. Thus, every gongbath or healing experience is different according to where we are on our personal journey. When we play the gongs for people, the sounds that come through are the ones that the recipient needs at that particular time. It is my experience that there is an innate intelligence at work here and that everyone gets exactly what they need in every moment. Most people have a blissful experience with the gongs, and feel de-stressed and completely chilled out after their gongbath. Very occasionally in feedback someone might say that they did not have a good experience with the gong, but my feeling is that they got exactly what they needed, even though occasionally it may not have been very comfortable. The gong did its work and cleansed out something that person no longer needed. And this is not always comfortable while it is happening. But it passes through, and then we can move on.

My journey with the gong has taken me to some wonderful places, and also to some uncomfortable places too,through the years. When one is identifying and clearing old emotional patterns for instance, it can be quite challenging. There is a danger of seeing something come up, and being guilty about feeling that way - “I shouldn’t be feeling that – it’s awful”! And thus trying to suppress something which has been brought out of our subconscious into the light for us to see and let go of. The key is to go right into it and allow – to try to be in a state of surrender to the process, which is then enabled more fully than if one is struggling against it, giving oneself a hard time. We all do it of course – it’s natural to shy away from unpleasant things. We need to realise that as the gong is such a powerful force for healing, that things may occasionally feel worse before they feel better – the so-called healing crisis. This is all part of the healing process and means the gong is just doing its work very effectively.

My own first gongbath many years ago left me totally blissed out for days. It was an amazing experience, taking me straight into the higher realms of the upper chakras. When I eventually came down, I saw things differently – there had been a shift in my perceptions and consciousness. I know now that a re-aligning had taken place,not just on the physical level (small bodily aches had disappeared) but also on the emotional level too. I viewed things differently – certain things were no longer important – I had moved on from them. On a subconscious level too, certain things that had been holding me back had been washed away by the gong sounds. I was able to move forward with my life, feeling refreshed and renewed. When you have your first gongbath, you may have a similar experience.

On a personal level, my “spiritual journey” began many years ago, and I came to the gong quite late on down that path. I had already done a great deal of “self development” work on myself by the time I discovered the healing power of the gong. This process of growth and maturing which we all go through is a necessary part of the ever evolving process of life – it is the nature of the Universe. Nothing stays the same – things are constantly changing and evolving, particularly nowadays, during these times of unprecedented change at the start of the new age. The problems start when we try to hold onto something – e.g. relationships or situations that we need to move away from because they no longer serve our highest good. When the pain gets too great and we finally let go and allow the flow of life to continue unopposed, magical things can happen - synchronicities occur, and new, much better things come along for us. So then we can move on into another phase of our lives, lighter and more free than before. When that old energetic debris is cleared out, it can be life-changing. That’s the experience of many who come to have a gongbath. I hope to see you at a gongbath soon.!


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