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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Gong Work

A Letter from Don

Dear Family of Gong Teachers,

Please feel that you belong to IGMA, the International Gong Masters Alliance and thank you for spreading the Nada Yoga of the Gong to the world.

2014 in September is my 80th Gong Day and I feel it is time to turn things over to the Journeyman Teachers.

There are many of teachings that have not come out to the public and I need to concentrate on getting them published, and initiating the long awaited training on-line that so many people have inquired about.

My personal future Seva needs also to include designing Starhenges and teaching others how to do it and together create Gong Ceremonies For Humanity.

Mysterious Tremendum Initiation Concerts and the Global Gong Mantra Sutra will blossom in this 7-year.

I know that each of you have special talents in many of the 18 areas of Gong Master Training and together we can be that one gong master in all if we continue to stand and play side by side.

There must be finally a World Peace Gong Master Teacher in every country, someone who also is a caretaker of a World Peace Starhenge.

I would like to see this before I disembark Spaceship Earth.

But, first we need to have an ethical egoless Council of International Gong Masters which I have called the ICGM. This is now our special opportunity to align ourselves with divine synchronicity.

In this year of 2014. It would be wonderful if all of us may meet together to take on this collective Seva.

Now, I would like to invite all of you Aquarian Gong Teachers of the World to be with me this year.

Please send this message out to your mailing lists of our Gong Family around the World;

“Porabka, Poland July 1-3.”


We are one,


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