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Elaine Whittaker
Category: Gong Work

Amazing Sound

In reflective mood after giving a 1-1 Sound Bath for a regularclient….

I love my gongs!  Andof course the Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Rattles etc … but it’sthe gongs that bring me real intense of emotion in sharing.  The range of sounds is mind boggling ….I don’thave anything huge, fancy or with a history …. but every time they amaze mewith their wonderfulness.


Today I noticed the amazing deep rumbly sounds that seemedto emerge from the flumey I’ve used so many times before … yet the sound wasdifferent today.  And those mallet thatagain I’ve used so many times before seemed to produce such a range of emotionfrom the gong … one moment soulful almost mourning, then rising to a joyfulcrescendo, then humming … the pitch changing moment by moment. 


When I sit at the gong and start to play, I never know wherethe journey will go.  I try to stayconnected to the client, sensing their needs, whilst also connecting on a verydeep level to the gong …somehow there is a seamless gel between us creating theenvironment for the vibrations to flow.


I feel privileged to be able to share this journey with myclients … seeing how they melt into a deep sense of release as the sounds andvibrations give their sonic massage.    Whilst I don’t talk about ‘healing’ or ‘therapy’to my clients, it’s clear that they take something very special from thesessions and gain a great sense of wellness.

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