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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Music Therapy

Telepathic Resonance

There is a silent sound that exists as a presence that is felt.

This silent feeling tone is perceived by the senses. It touches us through our feelings in the midst of every moment.

Like the universal mantra of So Ham/Ham Sa that flows through every living thing as the breath of life, it is only heard when we pay attention to it.

When we become sensitive to this silent tone of life, it carries a message of sensitivity to what we feel. The event of here and now touches us subtly through our skin, our internal organs, our thoughts and our moods.

This is called ‘Telepathic Resonance’. It is a non-judgmental state of non-preconception. It is a permissive state of ‘whatever is, simply is’.

This ‘simply is’ mental state is ‘holistic’ wherein all feelings present are felt at once though some may be more intense than others. We can exist in a state of total acceptance with no localized concentration yet with a holistic attentiveness called  ‘awareness of awareness’.

In other words we witness in a transpersonal way our existential feelings. We are inside the stillness of silence within the dynamics of the event now. Our Soul Consciousness embraces the totality of the event without interpretation or impulse to control that event. It simply is in Telepathic Resonance with the wholeness of the harmony of the non-harmonic now.

When we permit all feelings without blocking any of them with the self-conscious resistance of value judgements, this service of another’s need for healing has a holistic resonance that will melt and dissolve the problem.

This is a form of de-materialization. When we suspend our disbelief and permit all resistances of personal identification, the healing process of making whole can occur. This is a nada yoga technique of allowing tone pleromas to inclusively embrace you and you them. This is self-healing with the all inclusive or pleromic power of the Gong Tone of Life.

In the Universal Greeting, the words “I feel your feelings” apply here when we  “Hear the other’s needs”.

When we are in this state of neutrality, we are in the state of “You are another myself and I am another yourself” There is no separation or duality. Time, space and distance does not apply in this state. All we need is attention and intention to manifest wholeness.

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 By: Dorinne Davis Dorinne Davis

How interesting Don because I talk about our 'silent sound' in my new book "The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link". I discovered that the needed silent sound comes from our ears and this sound is what the body is telling us that it wants to begin the process of self-healing. Also our bodies need this energetic link to remain in balance in the subtle energy system I introduce called The voice-Ear-Brain Connection. The way you write about it may be different from what I say but we are really saying something similar. We have to balance ourselves first so that our energetic interactions with the world around us are balanced.

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