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Sheila Whittaker
Category: Creativity

Do Work that you Love - not just for Survival!

Ihave the great good fortune to be doing work that I really love and feelpassionate about. I am a Sound Healer and musician. I am privileged to run oneof the main training courses for the College of Sound Healing – the GongPractitioner training course. This involves teaching people to be Sound Healingpractitioners specialising in the use of high quality large gongs and otherrelated instruments. It is very special work, and we have some amazingexperiences with these immensely powerful healing instruments. It’s highlyrewarding work too, especially when I see the increasing confidence andempowerment of the participants as they navigate their way through the courseand eventually graduate, many of them with a completely different mindset andperception of themselves from when they started. In essence my job is to empowerpeople : I give them the information and knowledge they need, we experimentwith that in various ways, and they gradually find their own unique method ofworking with the gongs for the highest good of their clients.

Iam lucky, and I know it. A lot of people would say – “I can’t afford to do thework that I would really like to do – I have bills to pay, I have to survive”. It’squite probable that that’s your response too, dear reader. My reply would bethat I have bills too – and I manage to pay them. My work has evolved into whatit is now over many years, because I allowed my heart to take the lead some timeago. I took risks, driven by what felt right in my heart, not what the survivalmind was telling me. And over time the risks have paid off, giving me what Ihave today – a job I love, which fulfils my creative musical nature, and paysenough to keep me afloat.

Youcan do this too. I truly believe every one of us can live in this way at somepoint, when we are ready to let go of control, which is why I am sharing this.It takes trust - in our own intuitive feelings and the benevolent power of theUniverse. When we trust our feelings in this way, we gradually develop a solidknowing that we are always provided for, if we follow those intuitive urges.There is a saying (I paraphrase) : ”Take one step in the right direction, and theUniverse will run towards you”. I use the term Universe to indicate theultimate creative power behind everything. However you like to put it, it is abelief in the power of a benevolent Universe which has our highest interests atheart. It wants us to succeed and be content - doing what makes us happy andfulfils us the most. This is our birthright as humans.

Everyonehas a talent – everyone. Something they are especially good at. Somepeople just haven’t found theirs yet. It might not be music, as in my case. Itcould be painting, embroidery, looking after children or the elderly, writingcomputer programmes, cooking, solving complicated equations, making gongs, embalming,sharing your energy, etc. We are all unique, and everyone has something they areor do particularly well. We just need to find out what it is, and do or be it,regardless of the consequences, or what other people will say. The journeythrough life to find your unique talent can be as fulfilling as the discoveryitself, but that’s another story for another day!

Justthink – if everyone on the planet was living from their intuitive feelings anddoing/being what they truly loved, what a wonderful world we would be livingin! It would be a world full of happy, creative, empowered people, living thelife they always wanted. I would like to live in a world like that, wouldn’tyou? Then if you aren’t in the habit of listening to your intuition or yourfeelings, make a start today. Take some quiet time for yourself, preferably outin nature, and just be, without doing anything – just being, even for a fewminutes. You’ve made some space. And then see what comes along into that space.You might surprise yourself.

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