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Sheila Whittaker
Category: Creativity

Creating Our Reality

Many people have problems with lack of money. I did myself until I saw that my thinking andlimiting beliefs were creating that state of lack. Of course creating our reality is far more complex than just thoughts and beliefs -ancestral and family patterns, and karmic stuff all comes into it too, as well as self love. We are complex creatures and there are many layers to go throughbefore we find the true reasons for why we think the way we do. However,changing our negative thoughts and beliefs can go a long way towards changingour reality and creating one in which we would rather live. I use lack of moneyas an example here, as so many of us suffer from it! 

If we have a strongly held belief that there is not enoughmoney to cover our wants and needs, and that we are incapable of generatingenough income, then that is the reality that we will probably experience. TheUniverse acts on our thoughts about ourselves – our self-talk – on a minute tominute basis. We create our own reality, by the thoughts, feelings and beliefswe have about ourselves and our situations. Our self-talk works for us byturning what we tell ourselves into the reality we experience. So if we areconstantly telling ourselves and thinking that there isn’t enough, then therewon’t be! And we have then caused that lack by our thinking it to be so. Wehave, in effect, created a closed loop which is impossible to break out ofwithout a change of attitude and thinking. And it doesn’t help either if wehave other people around us who reinforce those negative thoughts and beliefs.

We need to try using different self-talk, even though it mayseem ridiculous at first if our current 3D reality is one of lack. Mysuggestion is : every time you have a negative thought, say “cancel that” (myinformation is that we have 3 seconds to cancel negative stuff before theUniverse takes it up and acts on it for us). Then change that negative thoughtinto a positive one. Example : if the thought “I haven’t got enough money”comes in, cancel it and change it to “I have ample money for my needs” or “TheUniverse supplies everything I need every day”. Those new positive thoughtswill then go out into the Universe and start to create a different reality foryou. We need to be very vigilant, andswiftly change any negative thoughts that come up, to positive ones. Ifwe do it consciously every day, being aware of what we say, and changing it everytime there’s something negative, our daily reality has to change for thebetter.

I speak from experience having seen this process working inmy own life. I needed a new instrument last year, when I realised I was goingto be giving concerts again. So I asked for one, and (the crucial part) expectedit to arrive. Then I let go and just followed the energy flow wherever itled. And about three weeks later the thing I needed turned up! It might seemlike a small miracle or a huge piece of luck, but this is how the Universeworks, in my experience. It is abundant and constantly answering our needs andresponding to our thoughts – both positive and negative. We only need to tapinto that creative flow. I could cite many more examples of this from my ownlife. It is our birthright to be tuned in with the Universe which supplies ourneeds!

Sometimes we may not realise how our negative thoughts areimpacting on our life. However, we always have a choice about our thoughts andbeliefs, and they can be changed if we are aware, and willing to do so. Andwhen you change them, consciously, on a regular basis, then watch how yourworld will change! It may not happen overnight but I can almost guarantee thatthere will be a gradual shift towards greater abundance if we do this. And ifthere seems to be a lack of “flow” in our lives, maybe we need to look at whatmay be causing that - things, people, circumstances - that may be impeding theflow, and see what can be changed.

We also need to be careful of the different contexts inwhich we use words, as they can be taken literally by the Universe. Example :When playing with my cat when she was a kitten I used to say “poor Sheila” whenshe occasionally scratched me in her excitement during our games. Someone wisepointed out to me that the Universe probably took this to be a reference to mypoor financial state, i.e. lack of money, and created this reality accordingly!I dropped that phrase, and my finances have improved ever since!

All I say here is from my direct personal experience. I havelearned this the hard way and transformed my, at times extremely difficult, lifesituation by changing negative beliefs and thinking into positive ones. I hopeit works for you too. Worth a try, anyway!


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