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Keith  Oddy
from: Keith Oddy
Category: Sound Healing

Sound Health

In theory, we all strive for Sound Health; this is of course, especially true as we advance in years.  Sadly our free health service has, in the name of respecting scientific outcomes not allowed itself to change enough with the time.

At the risk of being more than controversial, I suggest that the service is renamed the NIS. National Illness Service. I am, of course, referring to the main thrust of the service in its guise as an Allopathic medical Service.

We are all aware that you present symptom(s) and typically drug options are offered. If drug options produce side effects, more drugs are offered.  It is not unusual, these days,  for a person in the 50's to be on 4 or 5 different medications, at the same time.

There is current favourable press for the fact that appointments may be extended from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Hey ho.

It is true that there is almost a national pride in this NIS. How did it get that way?  We have an epidemic of obesity – with all the tragic consequences.  Science put forward as the last word, of a subject, is found to be flawed.  Many treatments are unnecessary or even harmful e.g. unnecessary hip replacements – when muscle adjustments would have proved less invasive. Standard cancer treatments are at best degrading of the human spirit and at worst, merely barbaric.

The search is mainly for drug based, magic bullets. There is usually some form of early symptom relief, which is great – it should then set the stage for more "let's get to the underlying cause" options. This again largely does not happen, except in enlightened circumstances.

It is beyond the scope of this treatise to go further except that competent Naturopathic Medicine could usefully be made more readily available.

Bruce Lipton, in his amazing work "The Biology of Belief" has reached a finding that energetic health interventions can be up to 50 times more effective than chemical ones. Perhaps provisions of health service should reflect this. There is probably more chance of us colonising Mars.

It is challenging for Complementary Therapists (in general) to make a decent living.  There are, however, treatments or modalities that bring people back time and time again. A prime example of this is Reflexology. In the right hands (pardon the pun) not only is it pleasant experience but it produces signposting information to help people with underlying conditions. So it comes under a heading of pampering with benefits. This is a typical use, win-win, recipe for helping people and building a complementary therapy practice. There are other modalities, beyond the scope of this article.

So let us briefly consider competent, appropriate use of Sound Healing – there can be immediate relief of symptoms e.g. in the use of Weighted Tuning Forks and various sound modalities can produce relaxation and dis-stress relief.  There can be profound life changes bout about by skillful use of relaxation and other intervention techniques.  Although there are a few (mostly common sense) contra-indications, those with appropriate training and skill can help many people improve their happiness and quality of life.

The ultimate irony of the current public illness management, is that when the so called NHS was set up, it was touted as a self funding service, due to the improvements of the general health of the population. What happened to that as an outcome? Anyone care to guess?

Without taking it for granted, let us cherry pick the elements of Sound Healing to add short and long term quality to our lives. Contact the College of Sound healing and see what takes your fancy.

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