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Lyz Cooper
from: Lyz Cooper
Category: Composition

The Launch of SOMNUS - 'Sleep Personified'

I've been a busy bee in the studio this year and have loved almost every minute!  I say almost every minute because it can be challenging at times, especially when your creativity decides to have a duvet day on the same day you've booked valuable studio time!  Over the years I've learned to work with this ebb and flow of creative inspiration by collecting lots of interesting samples, clips and instruments that I can draw on when things aren't flowing smoothy.

I've been wanting to create a sleep track for a while now.  I collaborated with 'Silence and Air' on 'Zero Point' which has had over 6million streams on Spotify alone so far.  Thanks to everyone that took part in the research for Zero Point - it was a really positive outcome - click and scroll down to see the results (opens in a new window).  I'm very pleased to say that I have now created a sleep track called 'SOMNUS' and I'd love the Sound Travels Community to be among the first to hear it! Somnus is the Roman god of sleep so when thinking of a name for the track  it seemed appropriate.  There are two versions - SOMNUS X (10 minutes) and SOMNUS V (5 minutes).  SOMNUS V has already been released - see what you think. Please feel free to share around.

At the top of this post I mentioned that I tend to store samples, clips and instruments for inspiration as and when needed. When working on SOMNUS I needed something to insert into a part of the track where there is a breakdown - the music minimises and there is a change of atmosphere. I had a clip of rainforest sounds on the shelf, so to speak, and it just spoke to me - it seemed perfect for SOMNUS. 

I am also looking for people to help with research for SOMNUS X. All you need to to is email me and I will send you a link to the track to play over a 7 night period.  You can play it every night, only once a week or as many times as you want before going to sleep.  Please email me to sign up for the project

I hope you enjoy SOMNUS V and X and the other tracks that will be loaded on a regular basis from now on.  Please feel free to follow me on Spotify for notification when new tracks are released. 

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