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Dorinne Davis
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Sounds Emitted By Ear Help Self-Healing-A New Energy System

In 2004, I shared The Davis Addendum™ to The Tomatis Effect at the Acoustical Society of America.  My research to that date, looked at the emission from the ear and connected it with the frequencies emitted by the voice. I found at least one main frequency “in stress” that was the same frequency emitted by both modalities. You know that your voice contains frequencies, but you may not have known that your ear not only hears sounds but emits sounds as well.  Once I identified that the connection existed, I incorporated that existence into The Davis Model of Sound Intervention™. This model is based upon 3 tenets:  1) The first tenet says: That there is a connection between the voice, the ear, and the brain, established by 5 laws: 3 that say the voice produces what the ear hears and when the complementary frequencies are reintroduced to the ear, the voice regains coherence—known as The Tomatis Effect, and 2, which are my Davis Addendum, that say additionally that the ear emits the same stressed frequencies as the voice and whenreintroduced to the ear, the voice regains coherence.  2) The second tenet says: That every cell inthe body emits and receives sound which was ‘identified’ in 2004 by Dr. Gimzewski of UCLA.  He called it ‘sonocytology’ or the study of the sound of cells. Of course, this concept had been understood for years before his ‘discovery’. 3) And the third tenet says:  That the ear is not just a hearing mechanism but a sensory processor.  That tenet is outside of today’s discussion.

For over 50 years, within the alternative education andwellness industries, there have discussions about the first 3 laws asfoundational to supporting change with listening, development, emotionalconnections, well-being, response to sound in general and more.  Books written about sound and sound therapyall include Dr. Tomatis as the founder of sound therapy.  Numerous spin-off sound-based therapyprograms have developed from his original work. The concept of using sound for wellness is gaining much greateracceptance today. There are tuning fork programs, crystal bowl usage, CD’s producedto make change, generic sound-based programs, and much more.  However, so far most of the programs have not beenused for specific or total body cellular responsive, which is what my DavisModel of Sound Intervention does.  Itstarts with a diagnostic evaluation to determine if any of the numeroussound-based therapies should be considered, and if so, in what order formaximum results. I’m not going to go into that in more detail at this venue. 

The final 2 laws within the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection arethe completion pieces for taking the use of sound received and expressed by ourbody to our full, total body enhancement. These additional pieces must also nowbe included whenever talking about the impact of sound on the body.  Collectively, I am introducing these 5 laws asthe foundation for an unidentified subtle energy system called TheVoice-Ear-Brain Connection.  Thispreviously unknown subtle energy system supports an understanding of how thecellular resonating energy of the body works together within the physical bodyand outwardly towards the body’s external resonating energy.

The voice as identified within the 5 laws had previouslybeen the key to understanding each individual. The voice does reflect the current imbalances and these imbalances canbe identified through vocal analysis or by listening to the person’svoice.  And while that still is animportant process, now I can also say that the voice is the key toreintroducing the needed out of balance sound back to the body to balance theperson’s energetic functioning, which includes their physical and emotionalwellness.  The concept of toning has beenused to help one feel better or support personal wellness for hundreds of years.  The concept is utilized in yoga, meditation,sounding circles and more. But now there is a more specific and defined soundthat supports ‘feeling better’.  Insteadof using a universal sound such as ‘om’, we can determine the specificfrequency that the body says it wants. The individual then tones this specificsound so that the body can use it. This is called Ototoning™.

With today’s discussion I am introducing yet another way toidentify what the body wants and needs at that moment in time to ‘self-heal’.  The voice is not the only identifying source,but the voice remains the way to change the body. The emissions from the earshould now also be considered. There remain many unknowns with spontaneousotoacoustic emissions, i.e., where do they come from, how are they made, andwhy do we have them?  I suggest that the answerto the last question, why do we have them?, is for the purpose of identifyingour major issues of imbalance as related to the cellular energy of thebody.  I feel they are bio-identifiers—identifyingthe most significantly ‘out-of-balance’ cellular resonance within the person’sbody at that moment in time. 

My device, called The Ototoner, will soon be available toidentify the most important unbalanced oto-emission, providing the sound thatthe person ototones back to their body for self-healing.  The process can be quite powerful.  I discuss a few personal instances in my nextbook The Cycle of Sound: Exploring theVoice-Ear-Brain Connection and hope to conduct additional trials once thedevice is readily available.

Ototoning supports a way for our resonating cells to form morecoherent energy fields within our body for stability.  This coherency supports stability because thefeedback loop between the voice, the ear, and the brain is more balanced.

The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection is a subtle energy systemthat must remain coherent or balanced for us to maintain our health andwellness so that we can think, learn, and develop to our full potential.  Within this system, the emissions from theear provide the answer to what the body specifically wants to self-heal at thatmoment in time.  Then the personvocalizes, through a technique called Ototoning, this specific sound for thebody to entrain the cellular frequencies towards a more coherent system.  A new paradigm to support general wellness,with the use of sound as identified from the body and restabilized within thebody with a vocal sounding technique, takes a giant step forward towardspromoting the concept of self-healing.

copyright 2011

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