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Amazing Meditations for Wizards - Relax Kids

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Track Listing

1. Magician's Wand  03.20 minutes
2. Wizard of Oz  03.18 minutes
3. Magic Wardrobe  02.56 minutes
4. Invisible Cloak  04.16 minutes
5. Door of Light  03.30 minutes
6. Wizard's Room  03.33 minutes
7. Mind Mail  03.41 minutes
8. Flying Machine  03.28 minutes
9. Magic Fairydust  04.02 minutes
10. Wishing Star  04.09 minutes
11. Invisible Ink  04.21 minutes
12. Magic Unicorn  04.02 minutes
13. Magic Glasses  04.07 minutes
14. Relaxing Spell  04.32 minutes
15. Fortune Teller  03.51 minutes
16. Magic Broomstick  03.08 minutes

Total Time 60.23

16 engaging meditations for children who love magic and enchantment. Examples include the magic unicorn, the magicians wand and the invisible cloak. These meditations have been specially written to develop the imagination and fill a child's mind with peace and positivity. A wonderful treat for all lovers of fantasy, wizards and magic.
Parents - Buy this if your child is between 5 and 11 and is a Harry Potter fan that needs to relax!

Teachers - This is suitable for Key Stage 2

Age: 3+

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