Deuter - Reiki Healing

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Track Listing

Track 1: Sound of Invisible Water - 9:26 min.
Track 2: Reflection 1 - 8:36 min.
Track 3: Mystic Voyage 5 - 8:38 min.
Track 4: Language of Silence - 10:09 min.
Track 5: The Source - 6:20 min.
Track 6: Wind in Bamboo - 8:10 min.
Track 7: Four - 6:52 min.
Track 8: Song of a Dream - 5:41 min.


Reiki Healing is a carefully selected collection of some of Deuter’s most soothing music, specifically chosen for the practice of Reiki, meditation and healing arts. Deuter stands alone in his ability to access the highest vibrations of healing sound. Once more the unique combination of sound and silence that Deuter has mastered evokes a deeply transformative experience. A must have for your collection.

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