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Sonic Alchemy - Joshua Leeds

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Conversations with Leading Sound Practitioners.

As a composer and record producer, Joshua Leeds researched the inner components of sound and the physiology of the ear/brain mechanism. As Leeds delved into the study of sound, he found there was no curriculum. Consequently, he sought out his own teachers; women and men who think, practice, and dwell in the bedrock of vibration and frequency. The wealth of their ideas is presented in a dozen interviews. Additionally, the rudiments of soundwork are explored. These include resonance, entrainment, and sonic neuro-technologies.

The intention of Sonic Alchemy is to trigger your imagination and encourage your explorations. Leeds believes a sizable leap in the use of subtle energy modalities, including sound, will take place through the advancement and synergy of methods discussed herein.
Size: 14 x 21 cm, Paperback 300 Pages

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