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Steven Halpern - Deep Theta

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Track Listing

01 Deep Theta 4 Hz (part 1)  5:19
02 Deep Theta 4 Hz (part 2)  4:56  
03 Deep Theta 7 Hz (part 3)  5:18 
04 Deep Theta 4 Hz (part 4)  6:33 
05 Deep Theta 5 Hz (part 5)  7:34 
06 Deep Theta 7 Hz (part 6)  5:21  
07 Deep Theta 4 Hz (part 7)  6:15
08 Deep Theta 6 Hz (part 8)  5:19 
09 Deep Theta 5 Hz (part 9)  5:08 
10 Deep Theta 7 Hz (part 10)  5:34 
11 Deep Theta 6 Hz (part 11)  5:34  
12 Deep Theta 5 Hz (part 12)  5:37 
13 Deep Theta 4 Hz (part 13)  5:36
14 Deep Theta 4 Hz (part 14)  5:37

“Deep Theta takes brainwave entrainment and balancing soundscapes to a higher octave of coherence, bliss and healing.” 

 — Leading Edge Review

Adding brainwave entrainment technology to healing music amplifies the benefits of the music itself.  Taking advantage of the well-documented 'frequency-following effect',  DEEP THETA allows you to tune your brain' to the theta range of brainwave activity associated with deep meditation, enhanced healing and heightened creativity.

From the first notes of the luminous Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano, you’ll feel uplifted and relaxed. Listen with headphones — you’ll discover sonic subtleties and spiritual resonances that open the heart and nurture the soul.

Each song is enhanced with Aural-SyncTM brainwave entrainment to either 4, 5, 6 or 7 cycles per second to deepen your experience. Virtuoso bassist Michael Manring adds melodic harmonics on several tracks, further guaranteeing you’ll be enjoying Deep Theta for years to come.

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