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Tibetan Chakra Meditations - Ben Scott & Christa Michell

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Track Listing

1. Root Chakra [Evolution]  05.02 minutes
2. Sacral Chakra [Fertilitiy]  04.58 minutes
3. Solar Plexus Chakra [Empowerment]  05.01 minutes
4. Heart Chakra [Compassion]  04.59 minutes
5. Throat Chakra [Communication]  05.03 minutes
6. Brow Chakra [Perception]  05.02 minutes
7. Crown Chakra [Divine Bliss]  04.58 minutes
8. Sonic Massage  02.49 minutes
9. Root Chakra  05.02 minutes
10. Sacral Chakra  04.58 minutes
11. Solar Chakra  05.01 minutes
12. Heart Chakra  04.58 minutes
13. Throat Chakra  05.03 minutes
14. Brow Chakra  05.03 minutes
15. Crown Chakra  04.56 minutes

Total Time 73.03

Tibetan singing bowls were used for the invocation of good spirits for the harvest, for curing disease, for banishing evil spirits and negative energies.

In a quiet meditative state one can focus the attention on each chakra and, whilst visualising the appropriate colour for that chakra, one can gently intone the sacred vowel sound of that chakra.
Recommended for meditation,massage, Reiki, healing,Yoga, Qi-gong, sacred sound toning etc...

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