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Paul Schwartz
Paul Schwartz - one of the world's leaders in creating eloquently-spiritual, modern-classical music that fully integrates elements of both pop and new age - reaffirms his preeminent position with State of Grace III, the latest volume in his series of original-music hymns and anthems.

Although serving as composer, arranger, conductor, pianist and producer on his recordings, Paul puts his music to the forefront and does not put his name on the covers of the State of Grace recordings.

In addition, although a few of the pieces on his albums are instrumentals, most feature solo or chorus vocals by singers such as Lisbeth Scott and Rebecca Luker, both of whom Schwartz has worked with for many years.

"I'm listed in the credits similarly to a film director," he explains. "I create the overall sound production, but I don't feel the need to be in the spotlight by myself."

Paul Schwartz

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