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Sayama is a Japanese term that literally means "sitting on a mountain,” and this perfectly expresses the intent of Sayama’s music – to instill serenity and peace in the listener.

Born in 1964, Chinese year of the Dragon, Sayama had his musical beginnings as a child with the guitar and piano but as his cultural horizons broadened, he grew well-versed in acoustic instruments from all over the world, especially those from the Asian cultures. In his music you may find Tibetan and Japanese temple bowls, shakuhachi & koto, dizi & bansuri flutes, gu-cheng, overtone singing, gongs and various Asian percussion instruments. 

After having worked with physically and mentally handicapped children and adults with music and sound for some years, Sayama began building up his own studio in the early 1990s. His intention was to produce life-positive and energetic music, giving the listener aesthetic and sensual moments of relaxation, as well accompanying therapeutic work and meditation by creating a supportive ambience.

Sayama has also studied and practiced holistic forms of meditation and energy work (e.g. t’ai chi & qi gong) for over 15 years and has experimented with aromas, fragrances and colours, combined with his harmonic music and sounds.

Sayama currently lives and records his music in the Bavarian Alps near Munich, Germany.


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