Sayama - Feng Shui Harmony

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Track Listing

1.  Feng Shui Harmony  9.26
2.  Feng Shui Harmony  8.16
3.  Feng Shui Harmony  6.50
4.  Feng Shui Harmony  8.03
5.  Feng Shui Harmony  12.13
6.  Feng Shui Harmony  9.32
7.  Feng Shui Harmony  4.25
8.  Feng Shui Harmony  8.58


Gifted multi-instrumentalist Sayama (Richard Hiebinger) plays Gu-Cheng and Ti-Tzi (Chinese harp and bamboo flute), water and wind gongs, singing bowls and percussion,  with waterbells and nature sounds.

Feng Shui Harmony is a soft and warm soundspace, with the sounds blending into one another from the overtones to the acoustic Asian instruments to the water sounds and waterbells.

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