Woodstock Encore Garden Bells - Now back in stock

With a mathematic formula the rotary cycles of the planets, the sun and the moon can be converted into audible sounds. In 1978, the physician and mathematician, Hans Cousto, discovered this technique which had been derived from the rule of octaves. Thus he named it “Cosmic Octave.” Cousto created the basics for the individual work with planetary sounds, which nowadays can be found in numerous therapeutic techniques and in the self-healing and self-experiencing work of many people.(Please check out his book in our Books section)
Tuning forks are used in order to always have the planetary frequencies available in high precision. The tuning forks which we offer here are manufactured in the oldest German special workshop for Tuning Forks (Barthelmes in Thüringen). They are made of high-grade nickel plated steel and are of excellent quality and exactness. On every tuning fork there is engraved the frequency and the name of the sound.
There are different methods of working with frequencies;for activating chakras, meridians, organs, or acupuncture points the tuning forks can be held directly on the appropriate point – with often astonishing effects on the emotions and health. The frequencies also unfold their effect if the vibrations are fanned through the aura.

These high quality tuning forks are available in 22 different frequencies from stock. We also have some stock of larger versions of these tuning forks, which are louder and have a longer sustain. In addition there are six other more obscure frequencies available, please ask us for further details.


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