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These distinctive quality bronze Heng-Luo Gongs are hand made in Wuhan, China. The bronze is an alloy of 77% copper and 23% tin and is virgin material, not recycled bronze as used in some cheaper inferior gongs on the market! They are almost flat with a deep rim of about 8 cm, the gong is polished all over. 

Heng-Luo Gongs give you a distinctive gong sound as these gongs are perhaps the most traditional of Chinese gongs. In China originally referring to a gong one would be talking about a Heng-Luo.

The Heng-Luo Gong is very responsive and has a strong long-lasting sustain which ends softly.
A very unusual and distinctive gong.
Supplied with padded carry case and soft mallet.

Heng Gongs

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