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Alio Die & Amelia Cuni - Apsaras

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Track Listing

1. Ambhas

2. Island of the Rose Apple Tree

3. Aapaha

4. Water Memories

5. Churning of the Ocean

6. Apsaras

Amelia Cuni - dhrupad singing
Stefano Musso - drones and samples, sounds and treatments, album images

"Italian singer Amelia Cuni has a voice like a drink of mountain stream water, a voice that you might expect to find operating in popular song. But her area of expertise is that most ancient and rigorous of Indian styles, dhrupad singing. Cuni's vocal clarity and dusky sweetness sit oddly but perfectly in this austere context. Recent enthusiastic collaborators have included Paul Schütze, Terry Riley, Werner Durand and David Toop. This is not music that borrows a few Indian flavours, but a serious attempt to make something new and expressive from within Indian art music. It's both extraordinarily beautiful and very easy to listen to." - Clibe Bell, The Wire Magazine April 2001

With 15 different collaborations and 7 solo albums to his name, Italian ambient soundscape constructor Alio Die presents his most stunning release to date. His work with Robert Rich and Vidna Obmana have set the stage for the unusual beauty of this dramatic work, celebrating nature and the magic of the human voice.

In Hindu mythology, the Apsaras are female spirits of nature, usually water nymphs. Flowing in the waters, these celestial nymphs come out of the waves like the first seed of the mind: desire. Talented artistically, the Apsaras are very beautiful; charming musicians and dancers for the pleasure of the Gods.

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