Ani Williams - Garden of The Magdalene - Banish Me No More

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Some additional songs included on the CD:
Dieu et la Magdaleine
(French lyrics from an ancient wedding cup found in 15th c. France)
Fragrance of Fire
(Lyrics adapted from the Song of Songs)
Mariam Maria
(Hebrew-Greek chant to Maria-Sophia)
Stella Maris
(Lyrics adapted from the Nag Hammadi Gospel—Thunder Perfect Mind)
Dance of the Myrrhophores
(Lyrics adapted from Egyptian papyrus The Burden of Isis)
Rosslyn Gypsies
(A paean to the Elements and a prayer for balance on Earth)
Apostola Apostolorum
(Latin chant to the Apostle of the Apostles and the Beloved Spouse)

This enchanting CD opens with sweet birdsong and the healing waters of the red spring recorded at Chalice Well garden, flowing easily into the first song, Garden of Blue Roses:

“In the garden of blue roses
I met Our Lady there
And lying quite close beside her
The Unicorn so fair.
Lily of the king
Raise up thy silver wing
For long has been the hour
Of thine unqueening.
In the garden of Gethsemane
The sun and moon did meet
And spreading o’er the kingdom
Their kiss rang true and sweet…..”

Ani Williams: Harp, vocals and bells
Alan Ames: Violira
Fitzhugh Jenkins: Guitar
John Dumas: Egyptian bamboo flute
Tina Reichow: Dunbek, tambourine and cymbals

 The musical flavours follow the Grail mysteries throughout medieval Britain, France, Spain, Jerusalem and Egypt with gypsy violira, Celtic harp, bells, guitar, Egyptian flute and vocals sung in the ancient languages.

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