Song for my Ancestors - Lisa Thiel & Ani Williams

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Track Listing

1.0Blessings of the Animals   03.26 minutes
2.0Cloud Woman   03.54 minutes
3.0Gaelic Prayer   03.28 minutes
4.0Diving Deep   04.20 minutes
5.0Tor Dance   05.02 minutes
6.0Voices of the Moor   01.32 minutes
7.0Sister Circle   03.29 minutes
8.0Jewel of the Night   02.50 minutes
9.0Reaching for Stars   05.23 minutes
10.0La Mariposa   04.47 minutes
11.0Song to Brighid   03.43 minutes
12.0Faery Song   01.12 minutes


These cross cultural inspired songs are a gift to the Earth and to the ear.

Williams and Thiels voices are like a healing balm in a stressed out world.

"Put on your wings and go, if you can fly this high! Ani Williams plays my heartstrings like she plays the cross cultural harp, weaving her angelic and shamanic spells . . . on this most intriguing disc."
- NAPRA Review

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