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Art Mind - The Healing Power of Sacred Art - Alex Grey - DVD

Product Code: DVD046
Price: £16.33
Is it possible that art has the power to heal?
Could it be that the sacred monuments, paintings and sculptures from ancient civilizations around the world were created to evoke more than just beauty alone?
Do they also have the power to heal us?
During the course of this video, which includes scores of his paintings and sculptures going back over twenty years of creation,Alex Grey discusses the power of Sacred Art to bring us face to face with divine reality.
After describing the life experiences, sacred teachings and painters that have inspired his own artistic vision, he takes us on a whirlwind tour of the Sacred Art of spiritual traditions from around the world, demonstrating to us how these works of art have been used in the past and can be used today to revitalize our health and sense of well-being and discover our divine potential.
Running Time: 79 Mins.

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