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Belly Wisdom - Cindy Shuster

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Track Listing

1.0Mediation   25.46 minutes
       - Clearing and balancing the chakras for peace and calmness.
2.0The Process   07.35 minutes
       - For clarity and answers to your questions through Belly Wisdom.
3.0Authentic Movement   12.59 minutes
       - Release energy in the physical body, open to greater awareness of your sensual being, and freedom of expression.

BellyWisdom,a sensual journey to Peace and Authentic Movemement..... is a hot, juicy, sensual, meditative and movement experience on CD that guides the listener on a journey of tapping into the "gut" for emotional clarity, spiritual awakening, and manifesting one's greatness by accessing peace, truth, and calmness.
This three-part CD allows the listener to chose one of three areas to target or move through the entire process.

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