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Bliss - Flying Free

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Track Listing

1. If Only  03.09 minutes
2. True Heart  04.49 minutes
3. Keep The Faith  04.08 minutes
4. Dance Away  05.54 minutes
5. Flying Free  03.44 minutes
6. Angel  03.10 minutes
7. Mary Young and Fair  01.56 minutes
8. Letting Go  06.50 minutes
9. Diamond Rain  09.16 minutes
10. I Am  06.55 minutes
11. Spun Glass  06.11 minutes

"FLYING FREE a collection of songs and instrumentals that are spiritually uplifting and light. These songs are collected from many different periods of our writing career. They range in style from the soul-feel of , 'keep the faith' to the light pop feel of 'Flying free' to the deeper tracks such as, 'I am' which were born from improvisation sessions with other musicians who also meditate. The track 'letting Go' was a particularly memorable example of this; we spent a day with a friend of ours, (Louis Cennamo,a session bass player who used to work with the Yardbirds and later with a band called Illusion) Louis is a great musician and is also a talented healer. 'Letting Go' came about by Andy, Louis and myself meditating together and then just playing...... no chords were worked out , no words written, we just started and what you hear is very much what came out, with a few small tweaks here and there. This album has touched many people, some have written saying it gets them to work in the morning, others have asked me to sing songs at memorial services for loved ones and one Woman even asked me if I would sing 'I AM' at her funeral, she was dying of cancer at the time and felt the song would express what she was all about. Far from being a morbid experience this was actually one of the most humbling and uplifting things I've done. We later dedicated a song from ""Through These Eyes"" to her.""
Lucinda Drayton - Bliss

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