Blown Away - Miten

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Track Listing

1. Blown Away  06.55 minutes
2. Native Son  04.40 minutes
3. Anything Can Happen  03.32 minutes
4. The Gratest Challenge  09.44 minutes
5. Brasil  06.48 minutes
6. Drop The Baggage  07.01 minutes
7. Inspite Of Me  04.10 minutes
8. Silent Garden  06.52 minutes
9. Pure Love  05.06 minutes
10. Rhythm Of The Heart  05.13 minutes



Miten re-connects with his roots and emerges with an album full of passion and power. Featuring some of England's best session musicians...and of course, Deva Premal.

The album has 10 great new songs which have been recent favorites in the duo's concerts...Native Son, Rhythm of the Heart, Brazil, Silent Garden, etc. The music is strong, inspired, and as always totally from the heart.

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