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Carien Wijnen & Frauenchor - Oj Malina

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Track Listing

1. Wetscherjai Radio  1.57 
2. Otdawali Molodu  2.38
3. Te rjekal  2.07
4. Savic Oj  2.10
5. Jovano, Jovanke  3.25 
6. Plovie Barko  3.24
7. Kolikomi  2.50
8. Sto Mi e milo  3.52
9. Zaspo Janko  1.56
10. Rosa Rosella  3.20
11. Alla 'arie  3.05
12. Ay linda amiga  2.46 
13. Schlif bleicht  3.02
14. Shalom aleichem  5.43
15. Lo Yisa Goy  4.59
16. Freedom is coming  3.35 
17. Noyana  3.13
18. Siyahamba  2.17

Total Time: 57:27
Dear listeners ,
"From 1998 to 2007, I led the women's choir " Chorabella "in Berlin and sang them songs from around the world. The various types of polyphony , different typical cultural rhythms and the many vocal colors fascinate me for a long time .

I would like to share my enthusiasm in the form of this recording. For this CD we have selected wonderful songs of Russia, from different countries of the Balkans , from Italy and Spain , South Africa and Israel.
We take you on a journey in which the melisma (fast Tonschleife ) in a song like " Wetscherjai Rado , " the 7/8-Rhythmus of Jovano experience Jovanke "and the dramatic folk songs from Italy Annunziata Matteucci can .
The songs are about love and longing, of seas and rivers, from the village life , faith and hope, of autumn and winter, peace and freedom.

We do not claim to play the songs faithfully , but we make every effort to correct pronunciation. These included , we let our own musical ideas in this music.
We hope you enjoy listening and singing along !"

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