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Carolyn Hillyer - The Wyched Wombe

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Track Listing

1. Beloved of the Heathered Hills
2. Blessed This Hearth
3. Mother Mountain Land
4. Come Into the Water, Sister
5. Thunder Drum
6. The Wyched Wombe
7. Reindeer Road
8. Beron's Daughter
9. White Horse Hill Woman
10. Desert Wind
11. Drift and Hollow
12. Shaman Weavers' Dance
This is Carolyn’s first solo album for 8 years, and has emerged from four months of winter recording, and four years of creating and shaping the songs. The music combines simple multi-voiced chants shared in her workshops and women’s gatherings, with more complex, richly-textured compositions on which she has worked closely with composer Nigel Shaw. The songs span tender laments, dark initiations, rousing celebrations, love offerings and mystical prayers.

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