Come & Drum - Mustapha Tettey Addy

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Track Listing

1. Pepe-Didim, Pepe  09.46 minutes
2. Dum-Tititi, Dum-Titi, Kpasch-Kpasch  09.20 minutes
3. Pasch-Pasch-Pasch, Kpa-Kpa  07.10 minutes
4. Bleckete  04.17 minutes
5. Nana, Na-Na, Nana  09.44 minutes
6. Dum-Tititi, Dum-Titi, Kpasch-Kpasch  05.58 minutes
7. Dum-Pepe-Dum  04.01 minutes 


The album for jazzdance and percussion workshops. Recorded in 1979 in a church in Dusseldorf, 'Come and drum' showcases complex rhythm patterns played by master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy as well as the irresistable treatment of percussion and drum instruments of two German friends.

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