Craig Pruess & John Altman - Terracotta

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Track Listing

1. Cantour  14.46 minutes
2. Dance With Shiva  07.28 minutes
3. Lover's Kiss [From the Feature Film Bhaji on the Beach]  04.05 minutes
4. Brothers [From the Feature Film Bhaji on the Beach]  02.05 minutes
5. Masai Sonata  03.54 minutes
6. Ever Rest  06.09 minutes
7. Bhaji on the Beach [From the Feature Film Bhaji on the Beach]  02.27 minutes
8. Ginder's Theme [From the Feature Film Bhaji on the Beach]  02.02 minutes
9. Whispers  04.12 minutes
10. Dancing on the Path  15.57 minutes



"Terracotta" is an exotic blend of world music influences. Call it Indo/Afro/jazz fusion or simply colourful and emotive instrumental musical journeys, it gives a spacious sound with beautiful melodies that linger in the mind long afterwards.

Features sitar, violin, sax, trumpet, flute, sarangi and all the colourful Indian instruments and percussion.

Powerful African percussion gives a wonderful groundedness to the soaring melodies.

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