Cymatics Soundscapes & Bringing Matter To Life With Sound - Dr Hans Jenny - DVD

Product Code: DVD066
Price: £32.99

Dr Hans Jenny's two original films portraying the interplay of vibration and form, energy and matter.

This film details Dr. Jenny's experiments using audible frequencies to create complex flowing patterns in lycopodium powder. Different frequencies generate circulatory patterns which closely resemble sun spots and solar flares, or the formation and rotation of spiral galaxies. Unusual three-dimensional formations arise which seem to defy gravity and laws of motion, but all adhere strictly to the dynamics of the generating tone.

This program also shows how a semi-liquid paste creates intricate and elaborate geomorphic patterns as it solidifies under the effect of vibration. The correlation with actual geological phenomena is striking, and provides a basis for understanding how oscillation is involved in the realm of the earth sciences.

Running Time 60 Mins

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