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Dan Moi - Double Tongue

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  • The split tongue of this sturdy Dan Moi creates a fine and wide range of sound and vibrates for a long time
  • It is played at the lips like the normal Dan Moi
  • Free Tuning.

The Dan Moi is the traditional jaw harp of the Vietnamese mountain people Hmong. Hand-made by a small number of excellent local craftsmen, this brass instrument captivates even novices by being easily playable and having a brilliant sound, rich in overtones. Playing the Dan Moi is effortless and enjoyable. In contrast to other types of jaw harps, the Dan Moi must not be pressed against one's teeth to produce its full and warm sound. Rather, the instrument is gently rested against the player's lips with one hand while the other plucks the tip of the reed softly.

Moreover, the Dan Moi affords players with an almost unlimited range of possibilities for the creation of sound effects, since mouth and tongue are given considerably more freedom than with other types of jaw harps. For example, you may try a simple echo effect by temporarily and rhythmically removing the Dan Moi from your lips, or try a tremolo by moving the tip of your tongue inside your mouth while playing.

The Hmong craftsmen work the Dan Moi so carefully that the slit between frame and reed is barely visible. This ensures a wide variety of sounds, especially in the high ranges.
Each Dan Moi is hand crafted in brass and comes in an unusual fabric covered wooden tube. A unique present for the musician who has everything!

The split tongue of this sturdy Dan Moi creates a fine and wide range of sound and vibrates for a long time. It is played at the lips  like the normal Dan Moi.

Free Tuning.

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