David Hykes - Hearing Solar Winds

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Track Listing

1. Rainbow Voice  07.54 minutes
2. Multiplying Voices at the Heart of the Body of Sound  09.20 minutes
3. Arc Decents  04.51 minutes
4. Gravity Waves  08.12 minutes
5. Lens by Lens  02.27 minutes
6. Telescoping  18.33 minutes
7. Two Poles; Ascent  02.31 minutes
8. Ascending and Descending  04.39 minutes


His Legendary recording is the world's all-time best-selling overtone vocal record; over 300,000 copies sold so far!

David Hykes was the first Westerner to have envisioned a global approach to harmonics and to have studied and collaborated directly with overtone practitioners from Tibet, Mongolia and Tuva.

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