David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir - Harmonic Meetings - 2 CDs

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Track Listing Disc I

1. Lines to a Great Lord  12.06 minutes
2. Harmonic Relation  05.41 minutes
3. Kyrie Opening  05.34 minutes
4. Foregather in the Name  15.02 minutes

Track Listing Disk II:

1. Kyrie Fragments  18.01 minutes
2. Eleison  02.23 minutes
3. Brotherhood  12.06 minutes
4. Hallelujah  07.04 minutes


The music sprang from a traveling art exhibition called The Tent of Meetings. David Hykes composed the music for this project, which was based on the sacred art of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

And for the first time, Hykes incorporated actual words into his harmonic chanting, sacred words common to those three religions, words like Hallelujah and Kyrie Fragments.

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