Deuter - Sun Spirit

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Track Listing

1. Zauberworld  5.26

2. Yellow Mandala  8.21

3. Sunlight Dancing  3.57

4. Ares la Pluie  6.27

5. Distant Islands  6.28

6. Horizon  6.07

7. Green Mandala  5.30

8. Sun Spirit  6.06

9. White Bird, Blue Sky  7.10


Internationally acclaimed musician/composer Deuter has become known as a pioneer, combining contemporary and traditional musical forms. He has created music that is at once meditative and inspiring. This long-awaited album from Deuter celebrates the essence of the sun with captivating melodies brought to life with spirited flute, synthesizer and drum.

"Sun Spirit by Deuter feels like a musical dance. To compare the auditory experience to a visual one, listening to this CD is like walking into a garden with walls of multicolored flowers with the technicolor turned up to 11 on a scale of 1-10. But to do the analogy justice you would have to dance through the garden and feel the energy of the flowers in your whole body.

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