Deva Premal - Embrace

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Track Listing

1. Om Tare Tuttare  07.19 minutes
2. Om Namo Bhagavate  07.12 minutes
3. Hari Om Shiva Om  07.45 minutes
4. Om Ram Ramaya  06.29 minutes
5. Shree Ram Jai Ram  06.43 minutes
6. Shante Prashante  06.53 minutes
7. Rang De  04.55 minutes
8. Teyate  08.52 minutes


Embrace, from Deva Premal, finds this best-selling singer at the height of her art, expressing the ancient wisdom of mantra through a contemporary musical vision.

Her gorgeous voice, richer and more assured than ever before, floats above a cool, sensual groove provided by some of today's finest world fusion artists.

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