Didgeridoo Fantasy - Music Mosaic Collection

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Track Listing

1. Kakadu by Didjworks, 5:14 
2. Edge of Three by Stephen Kent, 2:44
3. Blanc by Djemdi, 6:21
4. Koolyan by Ash Dargan, 4:07 
5. Morning Prayer by Rivertribe, 9:47
6. Roam by Arbre Noir, 5:06
7. Forest Fantasy by Ariel Kalma, 5:12
8. Wide Skies by Gondwanaland, 5:08
9. Stranger to Myself by Axis, 6:08
10. Shadowland by Andrew Clermont, 3:37
11. Spirit Alive by Kristian Benton, 4:34


Take a trippy voyage through world-beat ancestral tones, where dreamtime and modern spirit meet in didgeridoo music with velvet grooves, tribal voices, ambient trance and timeless harmonies. Where music of far away continents mix in a melting pot of rhythms, flutes, guitars, violins, keyboards, percussion, sound effects and nature's own sounds in addictive excellence.

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