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Don Campbell - Music for The Mozart Effect Vol 4 - 2 CDs

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Track Listing

Disc A: Focus and Activate the Mind
1. Allegro from Violin Concerto #3 in G Major, K. 216
2. Andante from Symphony #13 in F Major, K. 112
3. Allegro from the Sonata in F Major, K. 376
4. Andante from Symphony #8 in D Major, K. 48
5. Andantino cantabile from Sonata #11 in G Major, K. 379
6. Andantino sostenuto e cantabile fron the Sonata in B-Flat Major, K. 378
7. Andante from Symphony #4 in D Major, K. 19
8. Tempo di menuetto from Violin Concerto #5 in A Major, K. 219
9. Allegro con spirito from the Sonata in D Major for Two Pianos, K. 448

Disc B: Clarity and Restful Attention
1. Andante from the Cassation in B Flat Major, K. 99
2. Andante grazioso from Symphony #27 in G Major, K. 199/161b
3. Andante from the Serenade in D Major (II), K. 250
4. Andante (Allegretto) from Quartet #23 in F Major, K. 590
5. Andante from the Serenade in D Major (VI), K. 250
6. Romance from Concerto #20 in D Minor, K. 466
7. Allegretto from the Divertimento in D Major, K. 131
8. Rondeau: Andante grazioso from Violin Sonata #2 in E Flat Major, K. 302

Focus And Clarity - Music for Projects & Study.

This set is designed to help you complete any demanding cognitive task.

It's perfect for students and schoolwork including studying, writing papers, or absorbing any written material.

This set is also a valuable tool for completing work-related projects such as reading and writing reports, complex financial analysis, or even returning e-mail!

Disc A helps tune & focus the brain when personal energy is low, Disc B will calm and bring clarity when energy is high but diffused.

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