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Dr James Hopkins - Golden Ratios: Pythagorean Harmonic Healing 1

Product Code: CD1417
Price: £16.99

Track Listing

1.  Golden Ratios  18.53
2.  Lamdoma D&A  6.02
3.  Divine Harmonics  3.11
4.  Vesicae Piscis Madorla  17.00
5.  Fibonacci's Vigil  4.24
6.  Infinite Overtones  14.48


The Divinely Inspired instrument recorded on this CD has 117 strings. All the strings are 7 ft. long. They are precisely tuned to frequencies that generate infinite harmonic overtone ratios hidden within the fundamental note of each string. These frequencies emanate organically & combine mathematically to create exquisite cosmic symphonic orchestrations that unfold geometrically. I call them "audible fractals". Within these overtones series you will hear fathomless galactic choirs & instruments unimagined.

It is hard to believe this CD is entirely acoustic! There are no synthesizers, no computer generated effects, etc. I use only my fingers on the strings which are attached to a wooden acoustic resonant chamber (like a giant guitar body or a massive cello) It is designed to be played while a human being is literally lying on top of it. Even more difficult to believe is that all the strings are tuned to only two notes. (D&A) This phenomena is known as the Lambdoma Sequence.

Golden Ratios is the first in a series of five compact discs that will be released by Harmonix Healing.

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