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Drumming Planet - Music Mosaic Collection

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Track Listing

1. Drumming Circle  06.43 minutes
2. Invocation  06.24 minutes
3. Keonukpo  03.47 minutes
4. The Prodigal Son  04.37 minutes
5. The Shisha Room  05.21 minutes
6. Utsheva  04.39 minutes
7. Sister's Gonna Dance Now  05.06 minutes
8. The Owl Dance  08.41 minutes
9. Talking Drums  04.20 minutes
10. Samhain  06.05 minutes

Drumming Circle by Professor Trance, 6:44
A shaman's drum is joined by drummers from Alaska, North, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe,the Caribbean, Polynesia and Australia… in memoriam to Frank.
Frank Natale: breath, percussion Alain Eskinasi: keyboards Pim Kilian: percussion
Invocation by Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors, 6:24
Ceremony: Shaman drums, native feel, American-Indian-like vocals - Hypnotic
Robert Ansell: drum (pony)Adam Plack: vocalsGordy Ryan: drum (jun-jun)
Keonukpo by Adesa, 3:46
Music of the Ga people from Ghana: groovy parody to drive away the horror of death.
Julius Nartey: balafon, vocalsNii Ayi Conen: korlegonor, djembeLantey Lankai: bunte, gome, blekete
The Prodigal Son by Keiya, 4:37
Tribal rhythms, didgeridoo and a sweet melody appearing from the African bush give a sense of the Orient.
Keiya: programming, percussion, keyboards
The Shisha Room by Solace, 5:21
Strong Break-Beat rhythm with a moody thematic melody.
Jeremiah M. Soto: dumbek, frame drums, keyboards, programming
Utsheva by Baul Bishwa, 4:39
Sufi Rhythms: faster and faster than the mind - joyous trance of percussion, flute and monochord - follow the drums and let go.
Bapi Das Baul: khamak, dubki Sukumar Das: flute Tapas Roy: banjo, mandolin Nandal Dulal Das: dhol, khol
Sister's Gonna Dance Now by Native Ground, 5:07
Just that: She's gonna dance now on a lush rhythm, layered by a didgeridoo and an resonating djembe drum - won't you join?
Gordy Ryan: drum (djembe)Al Schackman: marimbaGary Thomas: didgeridoo
The Owl Dance by Gomer Edwin Evans, 8:41
Drum rhythms and syncopated tribal voices mark the shaman's vision of the animal spirit, inducing enchanting trance-states.
Gomer Edwin Evans: synthesizer, programmingRick Latham: drums, percussion
Talking Drums by Ariel Kalma, 4:17
Tuned low drums and dumbek mark the beat of the earth while log drums and kanjera Indian tambourines joyfully dance around.
Stephen Be: darbukaMatt Goodwin: log drumGreg Sheehan: kanjera tambourine Ariel Kalma: dumbek
Samhain by Phil Thornton, 6:05
Earthy rhythms celebrating the solstice accompany a melody transmitted through the ages - stories of the people, the animals, the crops.
Phil Thornton: keyboards, guitar (E-bow), recorderBen Paley: violin "

Vivacious Ethno-Trance drum mixes vibrate from an array of planet music percussion instruments (log, dumbeck, pony, derbuka, dhol, bhodran, frame, jun-jun, tablas, etc).
Hypnotic rhythms with ancient roots in ritual ceremonies from the South Pacific, Africa, Ireland, Native America, India and other exotic regions will set your tribal fires burning!
Breathe deeply - then move, stretch and embrace a rich mythical sound-journey unfurling within these tribal-music fires.

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