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Enchanted - Praying for the Rain

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Track Listing

1. Storm  06.44 minutes
2. Light Is Fire  10.13 minutes
3. I Catani  06.23 minutes
4. Underwater  07.10 minutes
5. Red Tree  04.37 minutes
6. Great Divide  05.22 minutes
7. Celtic Dance  05.06 minutes
8. As The Skies Turn  03.53 minutes
9. Firewalking  02.45 minutes
10. Underwater Remix  07.28 minutes

A collection of songs about spirits and the dance of souls which come together for a brief but wonderous moment. Enchanted is embroidered with the sounds of the earth.
From the didgeridoo on Storm and Celtic Dance, to the mbira (African thumb piano) and cedarwood flute on Light is Fire,the album flows freely between haunting lead vocals and choral harmony.
It moves in between the sounds of the East (Mongolian Khoomii) and Indian drone of accordion to a crossing of the Celts inthe violin, played simply over the exquisite acoustic guitars.
Enchanted is an album which celebrates diversity and imagines all the rivers of sound meeting in one musical place.

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