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Frank Perry - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Legend of Shambhala

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This is an uplifting and tranquil piece. We have a sequence of Drilbu playing a type of Music of the Spheres continuously in the background alongside the Maitreya bowl working on the heart chakra. Above this shifting and constant drone, we have three sections. Two for Tibetan Singing Bowls being played in a particular manner – to emphasise their rich harmonic world – and between these is a section for Yin bowls opening us up to Space – the Robe of the Great Mother. At the point of the Golden Section, is represented an experience of Spiritual Communion with the Source of the Great White Light – the Cosmic Christ Spirit represented by a section blending all 5 elements utilising Jump Bowls, Air Spirit Bowls, Water Spirit Bowls and Earth Spirit Bowls whilst the Space Element is represented by the continuing Drone in the background.  

This piece is an attempt to create a sense of this wonderful Temple of Light. This Temple could be in Nature (like in a cave), or an oasis of peace in this world (Temple or other building set aside for sacred space), or it can also be seen as our chakra system, or a Temple of Light in the invisible realms with rays from the giant Star forming pillars as we rest beneath the giant dome of a star-filled space of a community or Family of Light. If the right resonance is created anywhere on earth, then alignment with the Temple of Light in the higher realms can occur.

Track 1:   Gateway to Shambhala
Track 2:   Temple of Light 
Beginning with the magical sound of Conch Shell trumpets we then enter a journey through a long Gong crescendo, then overtone singing with choir, followed by Tibetan Bells, leading to Tibetan Singing Bowls, leading to more exotic Tibetan bowls using special techniques (representative of entering into mystical states of consciousness) and ending with 8 Tuned swung Gongs which are then joined by instruments invented by Frank - Trianguhermeezees, Pyrahermeezees, and Ufoms - in a long free passage.

This piece is based upon the Fibonacci series. This mathematical series can be found in nature – such as in the spirals of the Conch Shells. The times at which each section begins is governed by this sequence. These timings are so short at the beginning (each integer is 7 seconds duration) that they measure the times at which each of the 7 Conch shell trumpets enter. There are seven conch shell trumpets. Number and music are interrelated as demonstrated by the great Sage of Samos: Pythagoras (around 600 B.C.) Shambhala also has been associated with the Masters of the 7 Rays – and so, once again, number is seen to be significant. These 7 Rays are seen both as different forms of manifestation of the One and also as Pathways to the Source and one such Path (the 5th Ray) is associated with Science and the rational mind. Once the entire sequence has reached its 7th step the process is reversed to coincide with this Palendromic year. Whilst adhering to this structural discipline, all of the sections are improvised and sometimes there is a slight overlap of sections. In such instances, a gong or Ting-shag is used to mark the entrance of the new section. In this manner we somewhat avoid extremes by including the pairs of opposites within the total music – e.g. Order and Chaos. 

Originally, this music was created to accompany one of my sequences of paintings by Nicholas Roerich adhering to the same theme (Shambhala Daik) in 1995 and I’d always wanted to record it. After the ending of the Fibonacci sequence the piece continues, with the addition of a few more instruments, until 51 minutes and 26 seconds has been reached. This is one seventh of a circle and, in the astrology of Dane Rudhyar, represents, amongst other things, the principle of Fate. Fate dictates when there shall be a palendromic year. The next one will be in 2112. This dividing of the circle by seven also produces the first irrational number! (derived from this approach) - the transcendence of the rational mind (whilst being the dread of fundamentalist scientists) may serve to indicate the strange world of quantum physics. Otherwise, divisions of the circle give rise to polygons producing whole numbers - 2 = 180, 3 = 120, 4 = 90, 5 = 72, etc, until we reach number Eleven (a so-called Master number!).

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