Healing Music From Around The World: Vol 1 - Various Artists

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Track Listing

1. Ego Sum Gabriel; Vox Archangeli 6:17
2. Living Forest; Art Sebastian 7:18
3. Serenity; Kate Jaconello & Louise Hatch 3:58
4. A Moment Forever; Lopez Duran 3:42
5. Inner Peace; Janet Phillips 3:26
6. The Kingdom Come; Robert Lignier 4:00
7. Awakening; Janet Phillips 6:50
8. The Essence; Inner Voice 6:48
9. Archangelus Gabriel (Edit); Vox Archangeli 3:35
10. Wisdom; Kate Jaconello & Louise Hatch 3:38
11. Compassion; Robert Lignier 7:00
12. Domingo Nublado en los patios del colegio; Lopez Duran 4:13


In these challenging and changing times, people everywhere are turning to the healing power of music. This debut album sees the coming together of like minded composers united in their love and passion for healing music. From Europe, America and the UK, this empowering collection of music, voice and sound invokes the universal message of hope and inspiration.

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