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Jane Winther - Soulbells & Voices

Product Code: CD1577
Price: £17.35
Track Listing

1. The Sea and Healing Bowls 3:04   
2. Healing Bowls and Voices 7:24   
3. Singing Bowls - instrumental 6:22   
4. Healing Bowls and Voice 4:40   
5. Three Voices 4:17   
6. Healing Bowls and Voices II 5:40   
7. Healing Bowls and Voice II 5:40   
8. Singing Bowls - instrumental 4:14   
9. Healing Bowls and Voice 4:23   
10. Two Voices 1:39   
11. The Sea and Healing Bowls II 3:07
The superbly matched elements of this music , singing bowls , bells , the ocean and meditative chants lead the listener immediately into the silence in the centre of their own being. Ideal for all types of medical care , pain treatment for pregnancy, for deep relaxation and meditation. Purely acoustic music

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