Jane Winther - Bardo

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Track Listing

1. Bamboo Flute and Voice 6:15   
2. Singing Bowls , Saxophone and Voice 5:29   
3. Jawharp and Voices 4:25   
4. Singing Bowls and Bells 6:02   
5. Deep Voices 2:45   
6. Singing Bowls and Voices 6:10   
7. Didgeridoo and Voices 6:37   
8. Tibetan Templedrum , Wind Bells and Bowls Singing 4:31


Contemplative music with singing bowls, bells, Japanese flute, didgeridoo, harp, Tibetan temple drums, saxophone and vocals. Can the listener find 8 different levels of meditation and inspired it to address the inner focus on what exists beyond the everyday consciousness . Purely acoustic music

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