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Janet Spahr - Listen With Your Eyes Closed

Product Code: CD1336
Price: £14.29

Track Listing

1. Heyah  4.15
2. Hang Loose  8.40
3. Gems  2.43
4. Oona  7.03
5. Rosemary  5.00
6. Wash Away  3.07
7. Slow Mo  6.18
8. Stride  3.51
9. Tag  1.52

The enchanting tones of a solo hang drum with some gentle vocals make this a great CD for relaxation, yoga, meditation, and peaceful existence.

The Hang Drum (pronounced "hong drum") is a rather elusive instrument, as it is not mass-produced. This CD was made for people who love to listen to the soothing tones of the Hang but rarely get the opportunity to do so. This recording is simply the Hang Drum with vocals, recorded as it was played and accompanied by the sound of Tumbling Run

 A wonderful album to relax with, she likens Listen With Your Eyes Closed to having a friend gently creating tranquil tunes for you as you seek to cultivate peace in your surroundings.

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