Jonathan Goldman - The Lost Chord

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Track Listing

1. Entering the Sacred  03.40 minutes
2. Peace Trance, Pt. 1  03.58 minutes
3. Dream Mastery, Pt. 1  03.58 minutes
4. Call of Compassion, Pt. 1  04.01 minutes
5. Embracing the Beloved, Pt. 1  04.00 minutes
6. Awakened Voices, Pt. 1  03.59 minutes
7. Gateway to the Thirteen  06.15 minutes
8. Dance of the Void  05.42 minutes
9. Awakened Voices, Pt. 2  03.59 minutes
10. Embracing the Beloved, Pt. 2  04.07 minutes
11. Call of Compassion, Pt. 2  03.47 minutes
12. Dream Master, Pt. 2  04.08 minutes
13. Peace Trance, Pt. 2  03.57 minutes
14. Departing the Sacred  03.55 minutes


In the tradition of Chakra Chants comes The Lost Chord, the magnificent new recording from Healing Sounds pioneer and Chant Master Jonathan Goldman.
It is a sonic journey through the Chakras and the Kaballistic Tree of Life.
Designed for deep meditation and healing, The Lost Chord features sacred mantras, overtones and chants from the Hindu, Tibetan and Hebrew traditions, as well as psycho-acoustic frequencies and scared ratios.
It is immensely powerful and eminently listenable - a therpeutic musical masterpiece for healing and vibratory acceleration.
The Lost Chord takes the listener to places that have, until now, not been opened. It is unlike anything you have ever heard and must experienced to be believed.

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